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    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners from Saturday night's raffle drawing!

    ALL winners will be contacted by our Wadena Hockey Board to collect their winnings.  Thank you to all who support our raffle and our Blue Line Bids fundraiser.  

    $10,000-Keith Ferdon
    $500-Loren Meyer
    $500-Eric Rinio
    $500-Lisa Jergenson
    $500-Ana Uselman
    $500-Melissa Norris
    $100-Evelyn Gonzalez
    $100-Amber Rinio
    $100-Dan Peterson
    $100-Shane Gerard
    $100-Steve Rondestvedt
    $100-Becky Anderson
    $100-Scott Peckskamp
    $100-Guy Sukalski
    $100-Amanda Tyrrell
    $100-Pamela Withage
    $100-Chad Rehm
    $100-J. Brockway
    $100-Scott Wright
    $100-Krista Rogers
    $100-Stephanie Pulver
    $100-Brandi Crooker
    $100-Jody Hagenson
    $100-Alex Zilka
    $100-Judy Heltemes
    $100-Bob Iken
    $100-Devin Gernelli
    $100-Steve Rondestvedt
    $50-Joan Sworski
    $50-Dave Haglund
    $50 Lisa Opelis
    $50-Josh Ulring

    Proud Sponsors of Wadena Youth Hockey


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